Grin Gaming allows you, the viewer, to interact with your favorite streamers in an unprecedented way. Navigate to your favorite stream and make your voice heard during real-time gameplay. Put your money where your mouth is by engaging with crucial stream events. Use our secure platform to place action on key stream events that you have a feeling are bound to happen.
Playing is free! You will receive Grin Coins upon signing up. You can also purchase Grin Coins at any point. Our trusted stream moderators create and settle action on the fly. You can act on match outcomes, or you can interact with our fast-paced action:
  • Which town will Doctor01bst land in the next Fortnite match?
  • Will the ThatOneBritt get a kill in the next 2 minutes?
  • Will Melipastel kill the player that just shot at her?
  • Will TheRudeJude Get 3 or more kills in PUBG?
Questions are settled immediately upon conclusion of the event, so you can re-enter your winnings multiple times within a single stream! Our odds live-update with new action, so you can focus on questions that you think the herd has miscalculated.
We are the brainchild of professional eSports players, software engineers, data scientists, and designers. Proudly based in Los Angeles, California, our mission is to bring trust and transparency to the murky eSports industry. Join us and you will be grinning in no time ;)
Grin Coins are our virtual currency; right now 1 US Dollar converts to 10 Grin Coins.
Securely create and fund your account in a matter of minutes, and immediately start engaging! You can purchase Grin Coins in 10 coin increments ($1), which are deposited into your account immediately. You can then tell us when you’d like to receive notifications for your favorite games or streamers!
Apply to become a streamer on Grin Gaming and we will follow up with the details!
Spin the wheel and win your prize!